Garden Designer

Yoshio Ueha
Kyoto, Japan

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Hugh Wedderburn London, England   In small shop in East London, woodcarving craftsman Hugh Wedderburn, builds objects from a different era.  The chair he was completing is a ten-year commission.  The patrons changed their mind a few times, so the chair has seen a few revisions.  The nearly finished piece contains a full carved narrative […]

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Violin Makers

Husband and wife luthiers Ragnar and Bettina Hayn are among the emerging craftsmen who have built their studios in East Berlin.

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Makers & Craftsmen: Yusuke Matsubayashi of Asahiyaki, Japan

Along the Uji River, south of Kyoto, you will find the legendary ceramic workshop of Asahiyaki.

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Knife Makers

Shogun Iemitsu slammed the doors of Japan to European trade in 1637.  Tired of the undermining missionaries, he banned all ships from Europe.  When a Portuguese vessel failed to respect the ban, he had the entire crew decapitated.  This period of isolation, known as sakoku had dual consequences.

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Denim Makers

Located in the western prefecture of Okayama, Kojima is the birthplace of Japanese denim. The four and a half hour pilgrimage from Tokyo is worth it for any denim devotee.

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Globe Makers

In a world of GPS and online maps, why would anyone need an globe? Peter Bellerby, founder of Bellerby & Co. Globemakers, said his original idea was to make a globe for his father’s eightieth birthday. But he found that the art of globe making was replaced with cheap, generic models that in no way captured the feeling of global exploration.

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Italian Sculptors

Galleria Romanelli is a sculpture studio founded in the late 1800s by Lorenzo Bartolini. The building is a converted church from the 15th century. Inside they produced everything from table top clay busts to full scale equestrian statues.

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