Italian Sculptors

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Galleria Romanelli
Florence, Italy


Galleria Romanelli is a sculpture studio founded in the late 1800s by Lorenzo Bartolini.  The building is a converted church from the 15th century.  Inside they produced everything from table top clay busts to full scale equestrian statues.


Today, the two Romanelli brothers still run the place.  They each have a specialty.  Raffaello focuses on humans, where his brother sculpts animals.  The tag team duo is equipped to produce almost anything their clients can throw at them.  We spent a few hours inside with Raffaello looking through the vast archive … how vast?  Well, with a studio that was a former church, the ceilings are just shy of 50 feet tall.  The equestrian sculpture with mounted figure looked like a G.I. Joe on the floor.  The scale was staggering.


When you combine this scale with the diversity of marble, bronze, and plaster pieces, we had the DNA of Florentine sculpture laid out before us.  Whether you wanted a piece of the David, a bust of Dante, or studies from Roman sculptor Bernini, Galleria Romanelli was a fountain of spectacular options.

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