Kyoto, Japan 2019

Kyoto, Japan 2019
3 Day Workshop
Friday, November 8 - Sunday, November 10

Adam Marelli Photography Workshop: Kyoto, Japan


A note from Adam

Last year, one of the workshop participants said “Listen mate, if you ever stop running these, you have to give me a heads up because I will have to find something else to do with my November.”


The Kyoto Workshop has become a pilgrimage, not just for me, but for everyone who returns each year.  It is a chance for us to reunite and continue our exploration of all that Japan has to offer.  This year we will venture over to Kobe to shoot with master cobbler Koji Suzuki and then head over to the Shushinkan Sake brewery for a chance to see how revered Japanese sake is produced.


This might not come as a surprise, but the workshop was sold out with returning photographers.  If you are interested in the Kyoto 2020 Workshop please send an email to to secure your space for next year.


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Kyoto Workshop Marelli-34  Kyoto Workshop Marelli-32


Home to over 4,000 craftsmen, Kyoto offers photographers a rare glimpse into the DNA of Japanese design. This is your opportunity to go behind closed doors and into the world of these master craftsmen. Our private photoshoots reveal how hundreds of years of the Wabi-Sabi tradition are still alive and well in Japan.


In a relaxed, learning environment you can explore a world that lies beyond the regular tourist route and gets at the heart of Japanese culture through the men and women who shape it by hand. With a guiding touch, Adam will lead you through the shoots so you are guaranteed to have an experience that is otherwise impossible to find.

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Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

Previous workshops have photographed:


• Blacksmith specializing in swords, knives, and bonsai scissors – Sasuke Smith
• Woodworker Nakagawa Mokkougei
• Ceramics artist the Matsubayashi family
• Shinto Shrine makers the Maki family
• Kimono fabric producer Hosoo
• Kyudo archers: featured on the Leica Camera Blog
• Zen temple and zazen meditation with Rev. Taka Kawakami

Kyoto Workshop Marelli-17    Kyoto Workshop Marelli-18

Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

What’s covered

Workshop enrollment covers all workshop activities, location shooting fees, model fees, intercity transportation, a summary of workshop material/resources, and use of workshop meeting spaces.


At your discretion

Transportation, food, and lodging are at the discretion of the photographer.  They are not included in the workshop cost, but if you need help with hotel suggestions please email us.


Sign Up and Set Up Your Complimentary 1-on-1

If this is your first A/Marelli Workshop, you may have some questions or concerns.  This is why I offer a complimentary 30-minute private call with each first time workshop participant.  After you register for the workshop, we’ll get in touch with you to set up your session via Skype.

Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops  Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops


Each workshop requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Final payment is due 90 days prior to the commencement of the workshop.


Cancellation Policy

After the non-refundable deposit is accepted, if you need to cancel or postpone enrollment in a workshop, you may transfer the deposit to another available workshop anytime within the next calendar year. (e.g. If you enrolled for a November 2019 workshop and are unable to attend, you can apply it any other workshop up to the end of November 2020.)

If you have made full payment and need to cancel prior to 90 days before the start of the workshop, you will be refunded the second payment amount.

If you need to cancel inside of 90 days from the workshop commencement, there is no refund, but you can transfer the entire amount to a later workshop up to one calendar year from the original workshop start date.

Kyoto Workshop Marelli-1-3   Kyoto Workshop Marelli-1-4

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Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops   Kyoto Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

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