Garden Designer

Yoshio Ueha

Kyoto, Japan


Millions of people flock to Japan every year to experience the marvel of Japanese gardens.  But how often do you get a chance to meet one of the designers?  Rarely, if ever.


After photographing blacksmith Yasuhiro Hirakawa for four years, he was kind enough to open his network of clients.  One of which, Yoshio Ueha, is a renown garden designer specializing in tea gardens.  These gardens are usually closed to the public.  They tend to exist within the private homes of tea masters.  But on this rare occasion during a photography workshop we were invited to see how the scissors made by Sasuke shape the garden’s world of Uehu.  It brought the connection of maker, design, and cultural practice in full circle … ensuring that all of the photographers experienced the threads that bind Japanese design.


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