Garden Designer

Yoshio Ueha
Kyoto, Japan

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Makers & Craftsmen: Yusuke Matsubayashi of Asahiyaki, Japan

Along the Uji River, south of Kyoto, you will find the legendary ceramic workshop of Asahiyaki.

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Knife Makers

Shogun Iemitsu slammed the doors of Japan to European trade in 1637.  Tired of the undermining missionaries, he banned all ships from Europe.  When a Portuguese vessel failed to respect the ban, he had the entire crew decapitated.  This period of isolation, known as sakoku had dual consequences.

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Denim Makers

Located in the western prefecture of Okayama, Kojima is the birthplace of Japanese denim. The four and a half hour pilgrimage from Tokyo is worth it for any denim devotee.

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Zen Archery

In 1948 German philosopher Eugen Herrigel published “Zen in the Art of Archery.” A copy was given to Henri Cartier-Bresson by painter George Braque. The book became a veritable handbook for Cartier-Bresson and subsequent generations of photographers who aspired to find deeper meaning in an art that was considered second rate next to painting or drawings.

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