Have you ever seen a photograph so incredible that you wanted to step inside it? A\MARELLI Workshops were created to bring you into the picture, to connect with a culture, and move through the curtain that separates the traveler from the tourist.

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Receive a free 1 hour One on One session with Adam
Free enrollment in one of his online classes each time you join
10% Alumni discount for returning workshop photographers

What we guarantee:

Why travel half way around the world and risk not getting good pictures? The workshops are a guaranteed way to get access to locations and take home amazing pictures of each location.

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Have you ever taken a trip and thought, “Why don’t my pictures look as good as I remember it?” Translating experience into photographs is an art, one that Adam has refined through years of artistic study and travel. In the workshops, you will have the chance to use Adam’s diverse background to your advantage.


Cultural Photography


While most workshops only skim the surface, we set out to explore a muse with endless horizons and variety. Our muse is Culture.

Cultural photography looks at the relationships between a culture’s beliefs, traditions, practices, population, history, location, and the ways in which those influences are visually expressed.

The subject matter of cultural photography is the visual expression of culture and can include; people, architecture, objects, tools, and ceremonies of both daily life and high practices. It looks at each culture and its visual expression individually, without making a comparative study.

What Makes Us Different


Since its launch in 2010, A\MARELLI Workshops have taken a different approach to photography by putting the experience first and the camera second.

The workshops blend exploration and documentation, with an eye for cultural sensitivity. This allows participants to work throughout the world as an accepted member of each community they photograph.




10:00 am – 6:00 pm Introduction Lecture, City Briefing, Afternoon private shoot


6:30 am – 9:00 am Morning Shoot
9:00 am – 10:00 am Breakfast
11:00 am – 2:00 pm Free time
2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Lecture + Evening Shoot
8:00 pm Group dinner


10:00 am – 6:00 pm Second Private Shoot, Review + Post Production Tutorial
7:00 pm Final dinner

Workshop Reviews

"Your positive style and calm leadership set the tone from the start. The end of day feedback sessions were a memorable part of the week: Classical painting drawing and sculpture, composition, contemporary photography, crafts, construction, lighting, exposure – the knowledge of the visual arts that you brought into the feedback sessions seemed endless and yet you wear that knowledge lightly and share it freely with enthusiasm and a total lack of pretension. I learned so much and of course came away realizing how much more there is to learn…”
– Steve Richards, Kyoto Workshop 2013, London Workshop 2014, Matera 2015, London 2015, Kyoto 2015, Florence 2016, & Umbria 2016

“The workshop was fun and stimulating. The team members of the workshop were easy going and fun to be with. Walking the streets and taking shots was the most effective way to learn. What I liked most was the way Adam guided us to see things which I usually would not notice – clean background, shapes, movement etc. We reviewed shots on the spot and he would also show his to illustrate his point. We would then apply what we learned on the spot. The final day critique was the grand finale of the workshop. Various art forms and masterpieces were used to explain what would work and would not work in our shots.”
– Jee Teck Tan, Florence 2015

“[Adam] has an uncanny ability to walk you through a scene and make you see the light. Along the way you get tips on adjusting your settings – f-stop, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and such. Suddenly, you are a much better photographer than before. Interestingly, this realization will hit you when you start looking at your pictures on the computer and you will be proud of yourself for a few minutes, until you see Adam’s pictures.”
– Avi Nahum, London 2015

“The workshop was a great experience and I learned a lot from it that still benefits my photography. Thanks again Adam for the valuable lessons learned! Matera is the best workshop I have attended so far and worth every penny. I decided to enroll for another workshop with him in Venice next year where we will be focusing on creating images like in movies and storytelling.”
– Jan Kooreman, Matera 2014 & Venice 2015

"I’m still full of the very best memories of the days with this wonderful small group of photographers in Verona and Venice. Have had the opportunity to see both cities with completely new eyes.
Your lectures on light and how to make the best use of it were exactly what I had been looking for.
Loved your lessons – learning from the Italian masters – like Titian, Giorgione and Caravaggio.
Understood their use of light in painting scenes of life in Italy better than before.
And started to get a feeling for applying what I learned in my way of making portraits with natural light only.”
– Monika Houck, Venice 2014 & the One on One Program

"You are an excellent teacher and mentor and I was very impressed by your insight and judgement, your amazing ability to instantly recall images that demonstrate your points and bring them up on the computer, and the substance and clarity with which you answered our questions! You’re the real deal, Adam.
It was without a doubt the most transformational photography instruction I’ve ever had and it could never have come from an article, book, blog, or video. Your workshop provided that invaluable experience! I was impressed with the people you attract to your workshops. It was so refreshing to get out of my own orbit and meet such accomplished people with interesting backgrounds and stories. Our lunches and dinners together were a highlight for me.”
– Greg Burke, Berlin 2014

“Having attended numerous (19 at last count) photographic workshops I feel I am qualified to judge the caliber of workshops. My assessment, and hence this testimonial, is to acknowledge [Adam's] teaching skills, his ability to convey concepts in a clear manner, his skill at putting everyone at ease and his arrangement of a mixture of interesting shooting sites make his workshop an experience you won’t soon forget. And his input is something that can sustain you photographically for quite a long time.”
– Penny Breen, Kyoto 2013 & NYC 2012 & One on One Program

“Wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Kyoto workshop; the company, the food (oh my goodness, the food!!!), the location and Adam’s tutelage were outstanding. Thank you. The biggest takeaway for me was in response to Adam’s question about what the purpose of my photography is, and I have come away with inspiration to pursue a personal project. I am grateful for the detailed advice, suggestions and encouragement Adam has continued to volunteer to help me get started on this. So, overall, wow! The workshop exceeded expectations, and above all else it was simply an effing good time!!!!”
– Michelle Leung, Kyoto 2013, Chiang Mai 2013, London 2013, Venice/Verona 2014, Matera 2015, Kyoto 2015, Florence 2016, & Umbria 2016

“As a novice photographer I was a bit nervous about joining Adam’s workshop. However, I had an amazing time and learned a great deal. Adam clearly and patiently explained fundamentals of composition and lighting to me. He spent a great deal of time with every photographer in the workshop, giving detailed feedback. He was always available to answer questions. Adam and Misaki were incredible hosts, organizing a series of interesting shoots — culminating in a shoot with a maiko (geisha in training) at a Kyoto temple. Wow!”
– A.J. Hoge, Kyoto 2013, Chiang Mai 2014, & One on One Program

“Adam offers participants an increased self-awareness on observation. His approach focuses on a continuity of factors (in this case art and photography.) I found it influential not only as a photographer but also as an architect—perhaps a Renaissance approach. Something that in our contemporary lives is often ignored.”
–Arturo Rojas, Prague 2013

“Adam’s workshop helped me to make more sense of fine work to which I responded strongly without really knowing why. He fed my imagination for capturing the absurdities of modern life in the places I go within a great tradition. He’s triggered a new consciousness about intuitions. I’m applying what I am learning every time I pick up the camera now. I’m enjoying the afterglow.

Adam wears his expertise lightly and has the knack of making workshop participants comfortable on their journey after nudging them beyond their expectations.”
– Eva Kaluzynska, London Workshop 2013

“The workshop is not about shooting techniques or post-processing, but about learning to see. So if you look for that, this might not be for you. However, if you want to upgrade the level of your photography, are open and willing to be taken out of your comfort zone, in a nice and subtle way, then this is for you. If you like architecture, art, music then having the opportunity to talk with Adam over coffee, a glass of wine, dinner … is an additional bonus.

I will certainly follow another workshop with Adam. He took me right out of my comfort zone and I am working on step-by-step building up my skills, or so I hope. It will take time, but Adam has shown how.”
– Dirk Heyman, Zurich Workshop 2013, Kyoto 2014, Venice 2015, & Umbria 2015

“The workshop in Prague brought me to a new level of photographic appreciation. Your criticism based on sound artistic concepts and comparison with masters like Cartier-Bresson were particularly enlightening, opening a path to more discerning evaluation on the interaction of light, subject and technique. Street photography and portraiture were exciting discoveries, with challenging new environment and equipment.”
– Carlos Bertoni, Prague Workshop 2013, Berlin 2014, & One on One Program

“Last week I was privileged to spend two days at a Leica Akademie Street Photography Workshop with Adam Marelli. I now look at my photography, a lifetime passion as before and after. The first day we went out on the city streets and to Madison Square and Union Square Parks. We were encouraged to pick three-five of our favorite shots to present the following day. Adam spent unhurried time with each of us carefully, methodically and constructively evaluating our shots.

On the second day we went to Central Park to shoot. Upon review of my shots, it was hard to believe that I was the same person with a Leica in hand that I was on Day one. The shots were consistently more dynamic, punchier, and dramatically less cluttered. After hearing the expression “a strong image” for years, I finally truly understood what it meant. I could not be more enthusiastic about working with Adam, and hope to be able to continue my studies with him.”
– Alan B. Abramson, New York Leica Akademie 2013 & Project Development 2014

"Adam Marelli’s workshop in Matera, Italy was an experience never to be forgotten. Adam chose a location filled with marvelous photographic opportunities, many restaurants and cafes to experience the delicious local Italian foods and a base that was both luxurious and romantic. The pace of the five day workshop was relaxed. There was plenty of time to explore the many locations in the old city both alone and with the workshop participants with Adam as the guide.

Adam is a man with a great deal of classical art knowledge, but with no ego getting in the way of teaching his particular way of looking at photography as an art form. He has become a friend as I am sure many others who have participated in his workshops around the world have become too.
– Peter MacDonald, Matera Workshop 2013 & One on One Program

"I must say working with you was relaxed, friendly, open, supportive & very constructive. I gained more understanding on design and structure, and what makes a strong image with staying/carrying power from the first exercise you set, and the explanation on why some images worked and others did not, than years of previous looking and reading. Over the three days of putting into practice your tips and guidance on what could improve my work, I feel I made a transition from a person who just took photographs to a person who makes images/pictures. You helped me gain clarity and achieve my course objectives."
– Michael Locke, London Workshop 2013

"I admired Adam’s ability to think on his feet and to demonstrate flexibility when it came to managing certain group dynamic issues (e.g. where to go for dinner, what to focus on in a presentation). Some of these subtleties can make or break a group- ours was “made” and not broken, as evidenced by so many people showing an eagerness to stay in touch on FB and otherwise. I think both of you were so generous with your time – making yourselves available for group dinners, treating us to coffees/brunch/lunch, and generally seeming eager to connect with and get to know every single person in the group."
– Robin Apple, New York Workshop 2012 & Matera Workshop 2013

"I spent a wonderful two days with Adam during an unseasonal snowstorm which cut the class size down to one! We spent the days walking the streets and in the afternoons going into the theory of pictorial composition, building on the themes on his website. Finally, we spent the night of Halloween shooting ghouls and vampires in New York – a fantastic experience for a Brit who has never experienced a US Halloween before! This was an excellent course, and excellent value."
– Cyrus Katrak, New York Workshop 2012

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