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Umbria and Venice Photography Workshops

We are excited to formally announce our Spring 2018 workshops in Umbria and Venice, Italy.

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The Artists of Light

It goes without saying that light and photography are linked.  As photographers we are obsessed with light and for good reason.  The effects of good lighting are remarkable.  And being able to handle light as a medium can open up entirely new ways of seeing the world.  As technology continues to improve it opens a clearer vision of the world around us than the early days of photography.

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Hayn & Hayn Luthiers

Husband and wife luthiers Ragnar and Bettina Hayn are among the emerging craftsmen who have built their studios in East Berlin.  Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991, the eastern part of the city offers young makers and workshops a winning chemistry.  The combination of large spaces, low rents, and an easy way of life brought together creatives from all over Europe.

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I often receive requests from readers and workshop participants alike for additional resources that can inform their development as photographers. As such, I have put together this resources page that compiles my recommendations for books, courses, films, and recommended dealers that have informed my work and can enrich yours as well.

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