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Merz B. Schwanen

Albstadt & Berlin, Germany

It is said that the soil is Albstadt has four rocks for every potato.  This is why the region became famous for fabric production, rather than farming.  The clothing produced was so famous that when neighboring Bavaria used to invade, they would steal the shirts off the bodies of the Swabian soldiers.

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The Many Lives of Color – B&H Photography Podcast

Edvard Munch noted that “colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas” and, on this episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, Adam Marelli joined the hosts to muse on color theory from a painter’s and a photographer’s point of view. They discussed a few basic terms, learned about Michel Chevreul and Josef Albers, and then get into questions about his use of color, about film color compared to digital, printing, and Marelli’s understanding that colors are never static, and should not be considered such when creating images — look for the subtlety between colors.

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Natural Light Portraits

Every morning, from the Scottish Highlands to the Cape of Good Hope, we are gifted with natural light from the sun.  From pole to pole, sunlight has a million faces.  It changes temperature and intensity like a moody king.  It is, without question, the cornerstone of photography and something that is best appreciated in tiny sips, rather than big gulps.

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British Musuem-ResourcesFeature

I often receive requests from readers and workshop participants alike for additional resources that can inform their development as photographers. As such, I have put together this resources page that compiles my recommendations for books, courses, films, and recommended dealers that have informed my work and can enrich yours as well.

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