Developing Your Photo Projects

What makes a photo project?

Is it the number of pictures, the story that goes along with them, or the places where they get pitched? For photographers who want to move from making single images to complete projects, we will explore the lessons learned and mistakes made by artist and photographer Adam Marelli.

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Adam Marelli Workshop Puglia Feature
Scouting: Puglia

We are currently scouting for a Fall 2019 photography workshop in Puglia, Italy. We’ll have more details for you in the coming months, but in the meantime you can get a glimpse of the sights and tastes of this region in the heel of the boot of Italy.

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Matera Craco AMWORKSHOPS-feature
Matera & Craco 2019

Next year marks the official 2019 celebration of Matera as the European Cultural Capital and it is time for you to discover why this sleepy southern Italian city attracts so much attention. From its windy historical center to its hillside caves, Matera is a shot of photographic authenticity that is not to be missed. Its friendly locals, amazing cuisine, and award-winning photography locations are best felt in the early morning hours and the purple sunsets of this ancient city.

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British Musuem-ResourcesFeature

I often receive requests from readers and workshop participants alike for additional resources that can inform their development as photographers. As such, I have put together this resources page that compiles my recommendations for books, courses, films, and recommended dealers that have informed my work and can enrich yours as well.

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