Craftsman Ueda Workshop 2016 Copyright Adam Marelli-11
Garden Designer

Yoshio Ueha

Kyoto, Japan

Millions of people flock to Japan every year to experience the marvel of Japanese gardens.  But how often do you get a chance to meet one of the designers?  Rarely, if ever.

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Umbria Copyright Adam Marelli
Getting Us There

It is a funny thing that cameras don’t come with passports.  They probably should, considering once you get a camera in hand all you want to do is go out and see things.  There is something about having a camera in hand that encourages you to travel just a bit further than your daily commute.  With a little black box in hand, photography is one of the many ways to take a few extra steps in the hopes of finding something interesting.

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Tramontin Set 5 Copyright Adam Marelli
What is Cultural Photography?

What is ‘cultural photography’?  Is it a term you have heard before or is it something new?  For me, it was a combination that grew out of necessity.  I’d like to share a story about the challenges of defining my photography and how it might help you talk about your own work.

If we can paint a picture for a second … Imagine you are at a cocktail party and someone asks, “So, what do you do?” You pause and say, as I do, “I’m a photographer.”  It’s an easy enough answer I suppose, but then you are hit with the follow up, “What kind of photography do you do?”

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British Musuem-ResourcesFeature

I often receive requests from readers and workshop participants alike for additional resources that can inform their development as photographers. As such, I have put together this resources page that compiles my recommendations for books, courses, films, and recommended dealers that have informed my work and can enrich yours as well.

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