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Makers & Craftsmen: Buaisou of Tokushima, Japan

These days you don’t often see real indigo.  In common use today, the dye is almost always synthetic.  Producing natural indigo dyes for modern markets is time consuming and expensive.  This is why denim, even high end denim, is usually made with synthetic dye.  How can you tell the difference?

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Do Your Pictures Need Botox?

The other day a young photography student said to me, “I’m doing Photoshop classes online to work on my photography.”

I asked “Why?”

She was confused and thought all professional photographers use Photoshop. I went on to explain that I see editing like this:

Using Lightroom is like putting on makeup. A little accent here or there, but no major changes. Using Photoshop is like giving your picture plastic surgery. If it needs that much work, the picture is probably junk anyway.

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Iya Valley Tokushima Adam Marelli
Unexplored Japan: The Enchanted Forests of Iya Valley

Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku Island Region, Japan

The first wave of Japanese art to take hold in Europe came through Japanese woodblock prints.  These relatively inexpensive prints captivated 19th century artists like Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec.  Known for their brilliant colors and fantastical landscapes, they offered a glimpse into the secretive world of Japan.

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I often receive requests from readers and workshop participants alike for additional resources that can inform their development as photographers. As such, I have put together this resources page that compiles my recommendations for books, courses, films, and recommended dealers that have informed my work and can enrich yours as well.

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