feature1 Las Casas Manila Workshop Adam Marelli
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Located three hours from the busy center of Manila, ‘Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar’ is an unusual village made from the past, in the present.  It is a collection of 18th century Filipino buildings situated along the Umagol River between the Bataan National Park and the volcano Mount Mariveles.  The mountains form a dramatic backdrop to Las Casas and the unusual mix of architectural heritage and entertainment space.

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Bending the Format of Photography

There is a lot of talk in the photography world about ‘being creative.’ It is a funny thing, when you look at most major photographic competitions, they all put you in a box … literally. For reasons of website formatting and simple organization, the square and rectangle dominate photography. What if you want to do something different?

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feature-Jama Masjid Delhi Adam Marelli-4
Jama Masjid Delhi, India

India is know for its chaos. It is a puzzling place renown for its spiritual practices, though there is never a moment of peace. Everything moves, all the time. Driving along the crowded streets of Delhi you are confronted with every possible mode of transport; it provides the soundtrack of Delhi. I half expected to see a boat go past me, because hey, why not?

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